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Vermont Maple Passions Strawberry Nip

Vermont Maple Passions Strawberry Maple Syrup in a 75mL waxed top bottle is a children favorite and used by a Vermont restaurant in their signature salad dressing.  Strawberry Maple Milk was a requested beverage when the boys were growing up! Ingredients:  Vermont Maple Syrup, Strawberries Certifications:  Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens: None

Vermont Maple Passions Raspberry Nip

Vermont Maple Passions 1.75 oz Raspberry Maple Syrup is a best seller.  The first time we whipped the syrup with great Vermont butter, multiple English Muffins were consumed!  Similar to other fruit maple syrups, a perfect topping for breakfast treats, however our friends know this syrup as an ingredient in flourless chocolate cakes and brownies, in a salad dressing and as a glaze. Ingredients:  Vermont Maple Syrup, Raspberries Certifications: Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens:  None

Vermont Maple Passions Apple Nip

Vermont Maple Passions Apple syrup is truly Vermont based.  Using apples from a scenic Vermont orchard and syrup from a hillside sugar house, we add a dash of cinnamon for an apple pie experience!  The 1.75 oz nipper glass bottle with waxed top it is a tasteful topping for traditional pancakes, great for cooking with, accompany cheeses and great on frozen desserts! Ingredients:  Vermont Maple Syrup, Vermont Apples, cinnamon. Certifications:  Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens:  None

Vermont Maple Passions Cranberry Nip

Research has linked cranberries to improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure.  Added to Vermont Maple Syrup with antioxidant polyphenols, this Vermont Maple Passions syrup is a bit less sweet as well.  Throughly enjoyable as an ingredient in dressings and glazes, added to beverages, and of course traditional maple pancakes and Vermont Morning multigrain cereal! Ingredients:  Vermont Maple Syrup, Cranberries, Oranges Certifications: Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens: None

Vermont Maple Passions Blueberry Nip

A New England inspiration, a combination of blueberries and Vermont Maple syrup is enjoyable from breakfast, to salad dressings, milk shakes and desserts.  Blueberries, the King of antioxidant foods paired with superfood maple syrup.  Vermont Maple Passions Blueberry Maple Syrup is the right balance of the berry and maple packaged in a 75mL wax topped glass bottle. Ingredients:  Vermont Maple Syrup, Blueberries Certifications:  Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens:  None

Vermont Maple Passions Apricot Nip

A favorite of many Vermont Maple Passions Apricot-Orange maple syrup is awesome from breakfast, to appetizers, main dishes, dressings and desserts.  A regular ingredient in our household this award winning (ok, family chicken-off contest with the winner wearing a chicken crown!) syrup is used with pork, fish, shrimp, vegetables, noodle salads and in all the traditional ways.  Add some grated ginger and minced garlic and you have an instant flavorful dipping sauce.  Packaged in a 75mL bottles with waxed top. Ingredients:  Vermont Maple Syrup, Apricots, Oranges Certifications:  Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens:  None