All of Hillside Lane Farm’s delicious Vermont cookies are gluten free, nut free, and certified kosher.

Mint Chocolate Maple Cookie – Allergen Free

Our Mint Chocolate Maple Cookie is Allergen Free and Certified Kosher! The newest addition to the Hillside Lane Farm cookie family brings in a little hint of mint with some cacao nibs and dark chocolate. Free of nuts, free of soy, and made in a peanut free facility. Top 12 Allergen free made in the heart of Vermont has 1 gram of Protein and 2 grams of fiber per serving.  This satisfying chocolate cookie also provides you 8% of your daily value per serving of Iron and 2% each of Potassium and Calcium.
Made with all natural clean ingredients our certified Gluten Free and Kosher snack cookies are made are an all-time favorite!
Ingredients:  Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Safflower Oil, Rice Flour, Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor, Can Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder)*, Potato Starch, Cacao Nibs*, Maple Syrup, Oats*, Tapioca, Vanilla Extract (Water Alcohol, Vanilla Bean Extractives), Baking Powder Peppermint Extract, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum.    *Organic
Certifications: Gluten Free, Kosher
Allergens:  None
Package Size: 4 oz (113 g)

Hillside Lane Farm Sea Salted Chocolate Chip Maple GF Cookie

A great bite size allergen aware chocolate chip cookie enjoyed by many without realizing it is gluten free, nut free and soy free. Loaded with dark chocolate the Hillside Lane Farm cookies are a great go to snack.  A delightful allergen aware and clean ingredient treat made in our own peanut free facility in the heart of Vermont. Ingredients:  Brown Sugar, Chocolate* (chocolate liquor*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*), cocoa butter*, rice flour, coconut*, potato starch, eggs, tapioca starch, maple sugar, vanilla extract (water, alcohol, vanilla bean extractives), baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, xanthan gum.  * organic ingredients Certifications:  Kosher, Gluten Free Allergens:  Coconut, Eggs Package Size: 4 net oz (113 g)

Maple Lemon Poppyseed Cookie

Our allergen aware gluten and nut free maple lemon poppyseed cookie is a year round all time favorite from Hillside Lane Farm.   Snacking right from the container, crushing and using in a dessert or topping (or pie crust!) are all easy with this great balance of lemon. A light crispy cooking combines the buttery goodness with delicate maple undertones and a crunchy touch of poppy seeds.  Lightly sugared top, our cookies are made in a peanut free facility nestled in the heart of Vermont.  Made with pure ingredients - real butter and real eggs, our artisan bite size cookie is enjoyable anytime! Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Butter (Cream, natural flavorings), rice flour, cane sugar, potato starch, eggs, tapioca, maple sugar, lemon extract, vanilla (water, alcohol, vanilla bean extractives), baking soda, baking powder, poppy seeds, xanthan. Certifications: Gluten Free, Kosher (D) Allergens: Dairy, Eggs Package Size:  4 net oz (113g)

Maple Ginger Molasses Cookie

Hillside Lane Farm certified Gluten Free and Kosher Ginger Molasses Maple snack cookies are an all-time favorite!  Great from the package, excellent to crumb for pie crusts and toppings on desserts,  several of us have been known to enjoy with dark chocolate and even the base for a smore!
This bite size cookie is a blend of maple, blackstrap molasses, and a comforting combination of ginger and clove spices.  Made in artisan sized batches with a lightly sugared top.  Clean label, allergen aware foods made in our dedicated peanut free facility in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
Ingredients:  Brown sugar, rice flour, molasses, coconut oil*, maple sugar, potato starch, eggs, tapioca starch, baking soda, baking powder, ginger, xanthan gum, vanilla (water, alcohol, vanilla bean extractives), cloves, sea salt  *  organic ingredients
Allergens:  Coconut, Eggs
Certifications:  Gluten Free, Kosher
Package Size:  4 net oz (113g)